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3 minute video outlining how to develop an effective (or an appalling) office


Services and expertize

Identity Realization offers a range of services as follows:


  1. Consultancy
  2. Lunch and learn seminars
  3. Presentations
  4. Workshops
  5. Management training
  6. Staff training
  7. Specific research programmes


IDR is an independent consultancy business, targeted at improving the design and management of office environments. The company is headed by Dr Craig Knight, a Chartered Psychologist with 30 years commercial experience and a PhD in the Psychology of Office Space. IDR works closely with the University of Exeter in particular (where Knight is an Honorary Research Fellow) but also with other universities worldwide. The standard of people that interface with any business is concomitantly high.


The workshop will:

  1. Discuss the various theories behind space design and management
  2. Analyze these theories for relevance and utility
  3. Produce solutions for the development and management of a specific working environment


IDR’s workshops are a development of the company’s presentations. Over the course of a half or a full day, a workshop encourages participation in the development of a workspace.


The underlying idea is that no space can ever be perfect. If possible participants work on workplaces known to them. Space is analyzed; the nature of engagement with one’s environment is discussed and methods of capturing relevant metrics (e.g., productivity) developed.


The precepts of design and space management are examined and the methods of space use and management of different areas explored. The contrasting treatment of different workers is explored for relevance. A way forward to the benefit of the staff and business is suggested.


At the end of the workshop participants will have insight into how to merge corporate and employee advantage. They will also practise differentiating useful data from snake oil.