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At Identity Realization all projects will be led by Chartered Psychologists with extensive business expertize.  Our programmes include the following in this non-exhaustive alphabetical list.


  • Change management consultancy IDR has the capacity to help transform any business, regardless of size, using skills listed here.  We only take iobs where we can make a salient positive difference. 


  • Design assessment – your office layout is critical to your organizational success and will have unforsen psychological consequencese. Changing simple facets of environmental design – usually at little, or even zero cost – can have significant impact and demonstrably increase happiness, engagement and performance.  


  • Key Performance Indicators:  IDR have increased:
    • ...soft performance variables (e.g. well-being, happiness and engagement) by up to 45%
    • ...hard performance variables (i.e., productivity,effective intelligence and creativity) by up to 32%
    • These data are published and have been peer reveiwed (some may be seen on this site).


  • Leadership – leadership is context driven, universal and learned.  It is the most misunderstood topic in business.  Learn to lead properly (that is strategically, considerately and inspirationally) and you will add nines – never mind zeros – to your organization's bottom line.


  • Leadership coaching Whether you want to improve your own leadership, help colleagues or prepare the next generation; IDR will provide you with skilled, experienced and internationally qualified coaches.


  • Lunch 'n' Learn/Presentation – A quick and easy way to gain insight into how to massively increase organizational performance.


  • Management training – 70% of employees cite bad management as a major contributory factor in them leaving their last job.  Poor management costs the economy billions.  Good management can make you wealthy.  IDR has the knowhow to suppress the former and increase the latter.


  • Questionnaire design IDR understand questionnaires, their inbuilt biases, flaws and benefits.  As a result we know what makes an effective questionnaire.  We always
    • feature Cronbach scale analysis for the most reliable results
    • use advanced statistical techniques to mine your data
    • provide comprehensive, relevant and cogent analysis


  • Recruitment, retention and development – IDR's roots lie in assessment and development. We
    • design Assessment and Development Centres
    • undertake vitally boring Job Analyses (yes you read that correctly)
    • help assess candidates from any quarter
    • develop, guide, even run the interview process
    • IDR's Managing Director is a qualified psychometrician
    • help maximize True Negative and True Positive results


  • Training - IDR offers bespoke training courses across any of the topics mentioned on this page.


And finally:

  • After dinner speaking/Presenting – The company's founder, Dr Craig Knight has had more than a couple of experiences across 30 years of business life, much of it exploring psychological idiosyncrasies at all levels of business.


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