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Welcome to Identity Realization

Identity Realization is a company of consulting organizational psychologists.  We specialize in people at work.  Whatever option you choose from the list below, you are in the best possible hands:


Change management


Executive coaching

Assessment and development


IDR’s leading consultants are qualified at post doctoral levels.  Our projects are led by commercial Chartered Psychologists often in conjunction with multi national clients and global universities. 


Our goals are the maximization of engagement, well-being and productivity.  We are global thought leaders and demonstrably operate to world class standards.

What makes us different

The IDR approach is based on peer reviewed, published science combined with a commercial focus.  All recommendations are referenced to a business's bottom line.


We understand productivity and how to increase it. Similarly, we help organizations increase well-being, engagement and satisfaction; all of which directly impacts return on investment.


The business is run by a Chartered Doctor of Psychology with a PhD in the psychology of business design, change management and leadership, plus 20 years  C-Suite experience.  All business investigations are carried out by people of post graduate qualifications and above.



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Whichever service you choose, IDR will offer you effective, high level and relevant expertize.  If we feel we cannot, we will pass or recommend others. Our aim is to offer brilliant, cost effective solutions.

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