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Identity Realization is a psychological organizational consultancy that provides extraodinarily effective solutions.  IDR offers you only Chartered, Post Doctoral and C-Suite project leaders.  It specializes in helping organizations maximize their Key Performance Indicators.  Whatever option you choose from the list below, you are in the best possible hand


Change management

design evaluation

Executive coaching

Assessment, development, recruitment

Workplace engagement

Psychological well-being

Productivity improvement


We make significant, quantifiable differences to business performance; frequently by tens of per cent.  This is evidenced in published data, some of which you will see here.  


We are global thought leaders, we will work with you at levels that exceed world class standards and produce meaningful results.  Our goals are the maximization of your organization's engagement, well-being and profitability.  Do make contact, we offer an enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding experience.

What makes IDR different:


The IDR approach is based on applied business

science, to peer review standard with a honed commercial focus.  All recommendations are referenced to a business's bottom line.


We understand productivity, how to measure it and how to increase it. Similarly, we help organizations increase well-being, engagement and satisfaction; all of which directly impacts return on investment.


I run the business. A Chartered Doctor of Psychology with over 20 years of Board level experience.  Even my PhD was in the psychology of leadership, management and the effects of workplace design 


Find out more about the principles that guide our work:


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Our servicesWhichever IDR service you Whichever IDR service you choose, IDR will offer you effective, high level and relevant expertize.  We do not take on contracts where we feel we cannot add considerable value. Our aim is to offer you brilliant, cost effective solutions.

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