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Identity Realization Limited was established to maximize well-being, engagement and performance at work. Sadly, our world leading solutions only work for organizations where staff are the main resource. However, if this is you, my word, have you come to the right place.


It takes over ten years training to become fully qualified in psychology.  It is the job of a chartered, registered, doctor of Organizational Psychology to know more about you and your people – how they are motivated, what makes them happy, what makes them perform – than you or they know about yourselves. No other profession has this skill set. So why on earth would you want to employ anybody else?


All of IDR’s focus is poured onto the workplace.  Its solutions firmly rooted in published and ongoing scientific research. IDR sits at the head of global workplace management and development. With a comprehensive set of products across the people-centred aspects of your business, you can be confident of improvements in:


CovidBeater: Now and business afterwards

Recruitment, assessment, development

Design evaluation

Change management


Executive coaching

Workplace engagement

Psychological well-being

Performance improvement       (click on the tabs, above, for more details)

What makes IDR different:




I am the founding director of IDR. Our guiding principle - the one stencilled on my desk -  is simple, it’s the evidence, stupid!


Charles Handy noted that while there are many clever people in business, business itself is not that smart. So the workplace teams with which I have been involved all use scientific principles to explore 'business think'. What any of us believe, what we understand, our experiences are nothing more than hypotheses that must withstand scrutiny. 


To misquote the Martian, we “science the hell out of business” applying post doctoral techniques. We publish evidence and push research forward. In so doing we find massive room for improvement. 70% of offices, for example, deploy toxic practices. And by toxic, we mean management policies that are not just useless but actively detrimental to well-being and the bottom line. You would make more money sitting on beach licking a Cornetto than implementing the most popular busines strategies.


The upside of this, of course, is that gains are almost inevitable. You can start right now.  Your first step is free and yet one of the most valuable; ready?  Treat case studies with extreme suspicion. A case study shows you nothing other than managers agree with other managers that managers know best.  The science categorically demonstrates they do not. Instead, in an echo of Handy, case studies mostly show us clever people doing stupid things.


So, if you would like potential increase in well-being of 40%+, in creativity of 35%, in effective intelligence of 19%, in productivity of 30%+, then please step aboard the website.  Have a look around and make contact, let's work together to the significant betterment of your organization. Thanks for being here.


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