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Welcome to Identity Realization


Compared to the standard, flexible office IDR (Identity Realization Limited) develops working spaces that increase creativity, well-being and productivity by factors of up to 40%. We are a commercial organization working with an international university network - centred upon the University of Exeter - to improve business health and profitability.  Our impartial scientific methodology moves businesses well beyond the unnecessarily expensive consultancy model.


Our commitment to clients is to provide impartial advice drawn from published, commercial, applied science.  The result is the development of business environments that (a) provide a demonstrable competitive edge, (b) maximize well-being and (c) are simply better places in which to work. 


What makes us different

The IDR approach is based on peer reviewed, published science combined with a commercial focus.  All recommendations are referenced to a business's bottom line.


We can quantify productivity.  We can quantify creativity.  We can quantify well-being. IDR is active in commercial research. The business is run by a chartered doctor of psychology with a PhD in the psychology of office space and 30 years of relevant business experience.  All business investigations are carried out by people of post graduate qualifications and above.



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From straightforward advice on how to improve your working environment (based on meticulous published research) through to a full scale study of your organization's working patterns, IDR offers high level and relevant expertize, impartial advice and genuine value for money.

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