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 IDR offers independence, impartiality and intelligence along with the only existing guarantee of professional coaching capability.  Chartered and Registered Psychologists are the cornerstone of IDR's coaching programme.


In direct contradiction of much of what is said elsewhere in the market, it is vital to realize that coaching is a form of therapy.  It has to be to work properly.  Understanding drive, motivation, fear, proclivities, personality and abililty is everything if you are to coach people to bring out the best of themselves.  It is no accident that being a Registered Occuaptional Psychologist is a globally recognized totem of coaching excellence.  IDR only promote people with this qualification


Coaching depends on aligning the coachee's goals to the overarching aims of an organization. A clear step-by-step process allows both the coached executive and the coach to trace demonstrable changes in performance that affect engagement, enjoyment and the bottom line.


IDR builds its work on peer-reviewed, behavioural science to create trusted, ethical and reliable coaching relationships. Our person-centred approach helps each coachee appreciate  the impact of their intellect, emotions and personal motivations on others and upon themselves.  Understanding your own perception and appreciating the perception of other is the cornerstone of self-development.


We set all knowledge gained within the complexities of today’s work place.  This informs business options that include:

  • CEO coaching
  • leadership coaching
  • coaching for promotion
  • career goals coaching
  • advancing women in leadership
  • derailment behaviours
  • transition coaching
  • team coaching
  • when star performers struggle.


The best business coaches are transformational. They bring qualified psychological expertise, commercial experience and innate understanding that allows talented individuals to fully capitalise on their potential.


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