The foundation of our work

IDR is keen to forge links with any organization looking to improve its performance, satisfaction and the effectiveness of its people.

  • Independence
    IDR uses the modesty of science when developing business solutions.  We offer advice based on evidence, untied from heuristic and opinion. Every company’s idiosyncrasies are part of, yes, its issues but also of its strengths and solutions. So IDR’s work will be specifically geared to your organization and its unique ways of working.
  • Expertise
    IDR only offer consultancy services in areas where we possess or have acquired demonstrable expertise.
  • Confidentiality
    As a company default IDR works on a confidential basis. We are prepared to operate under NDA agreements where appropriate.

Meet us

It is always good to talk.  So please do contact us with your business requirements.  It will be a pleasure to work with you.









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