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IDR has deep research foundations. Without research and the application of research we would not know how to develop an effective workplace. Our academic links allow us to work on national and multinational projects in an impartial, reliable and informative manner.  This consequently drives knowledge of the workplace forward.


We welcome the chance to work with organizations over a long term project (3 months minimum) to analyze your workspace in detail. The goal is to identify which methods of space use and/or management are best suited to your business, thereby challenging existing heuristic.


As an example IDR is currently quantifying metrics for creativity to set alongside measures such as sick office, psychological comfort and productivity. But the point of research is that together we can assess meaningful variables for your organization.


Long term research is usually carried out in conjunction with a university. IDR is particularly proud of its links with the University of Exeter. Working with a university underwrites the impartiality of the research, adds to the kudos of a project and makes peer reviewed, journal publication more likely. The sunsequent PR value is very large.


Research then gives enormous insight, pushes forward our understanding of the workplace, brings kudos to the company involved and has a significant public relations dividend. Its greatest advantage, however, lies in the likelihood of providing significant commercial advantage over a business’s competitors.


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