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Identity Realization Limited was

established to maximize well-being, engagement and performance at work. Our world leading solutions only work for organizations where people are the main resource. However, if this is you, my word, have you come to the right place.


It takes over ten years training to become fully qualified in psychology.  It is the job of a chartered, registered, doctor of Organizational Psychology to know more about you and your people – how they are motivated, what makes them happy, what makes them perform – than you or they know about yourselves. No other profession has this skill set. So why on earth would you want to employ anybody else?


Since it began at the University of Exeter in 2003, IDR's goal has always been to provide brilliant, impartial and useful products.  The business was established  to explore and develop business design, change management and leadership. We found it amazing that whle technology had changed enormously, business -ccntradicting its own premises – has hardly altered in over 100 years. 


For example, the first 'clean desk' designed for purpose was developed by Steelcase in 1915.  The concepts underlying today's lean, Six Sigma and Tough Minded leadership are clearly explained in FW Taylor’s 1911 book The Principles of Scientific Management.  The open plan office was widely employed when Queen Victoria was hale and hearty.  While 'agile' and 'flexible' working practices were developed in the 18th century.  All the above remain largely unchanged since their conception.  The scope for improvement in all offices – in your offices – is immense.


IDR's evidence-based work develops an identity centred, psychological approach to improving organizational effectiveness.  The results are emphatic and point to positive and consistent increases in key organizational variables. 


Productivity, engagement, well-being, creativity and even effective intelligence can all be significantly increased, often by tens of percent.  These data are supported by other published work and carry no scientific contra-indications  The inescapable conclusion is that businesses here, around the globe and reading these words care missing out on millions!


We can almost certainly help your organization to improve. It is very likely that significant, measurable improvements in happiness, satisfaction and output can be achieved. Please make contact. The process is enjoyable, largely painless and - in every way - rewarding.



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