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3 minute video outlining how to develop an effective (or an appalling) office


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How do you measure productivity in your organization? If you can’t fully answer that question, then how are you going to increase productivity? Cost savings and productivity are not the same thing. If they were then the most productive businesses would be the ones that have gone bust.


IDR’s presentations confront the maxims of business head on. Looked through any lens other than a business lens, a spartan, lean, easily configurable workspace is a psychologically impoverished space. Yet we expect people to perform at their peak when they are denied meaningful engagement with their surroundings.


The length of presentations may be varied but typically are an hour in length (45 minutes plus questions). The audiences are engaged with the science of psychology and its applications to the workplace. Canards are exposed, ideas and stereotypes are challenged.


At the heart of all presentations is the demonstration of accurate, reliable measurements of key variables such as well-being, satisfaction and productivity.  Questions and discussions are encouraged.

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