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A new approach


IDR's track record is based on impartial research that has been applied to the workplace. As such our consultancy service is unique. IDR's independent workplace advice is based on specifically applied scientific, psychological principles with demonstrable results These data will affect your business directly.


Craig Knight, a chartered occupational psychologist, has a unique set of qualifications including a PhD that investigated the psychology of office space.  This sits alongside twenty years experience in office design and management. His work has been widely published and is at the root of developing new business space and new change management strategies.  As an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, Dr. Knight has access to an international web of relevant academic colleagues.


To our knowledge, there is no company on the planet that can match IDR’s impartial, applied, business expertize. IDR will work alongside staff, management and designers in implementing maximal solutions.


Consultancy may be contracted from periods of one day and upwards.

Our services at a glance:

  • Creation of a sustainable change management strategy
  • Development of optimal working envoironments
  • Scientific design analysis
  • Understanding leadership


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