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3 minute video outlining how to develop an effective (or an appalling) office


Change management

Based entirely on scientific commercial evidence.  IDR will help organizations significantly improve their business performance.


Transformational performances are likely in many circumstances.  Every improvement is aimed at both engagement and the bottom line; these two variable are never in competition.


IDR will help you create or develop change management platforms set for long term improvement, stability and success. Our tools and techniques are built around authentic, relationship based management and tested business theory. If work hasn’t been peer reviewed and published it isn’t good enough. 


Our solutions are developed for specific situational fit and adapted to the strategic goals of your organisation.

To do this we:

  • clarify your strategic aims
  • help you meet current demands whilst preparing for future requirements
  • design specific, change management programmes
  • implement solutions based upon the principles of tested, evidence based long lasting management principles
  • deliver on or off site to individuals and groups.



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